Out with the Rundown, in with the new

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It’s time to say goodbye to the Weekend Rundown.


The Rundown was necessary with the old calendar system because it was difficult to distinguish between different types of events and it wasn’t possible to use the calendar or its sidebar companions “Happens Today” and “Happens Soon” to link with featured event posts and articles.

The old calendar was simple, easy to update and fast loading. That was about it.

The *new calendar has more features –

  • Pictures
  • Links
  • Embedded maps
  • More mobile friendly
  • The stream view is much easier to use, but there is also a monthly calendar view
  • Each event has a full page with facebook and twitter share buttons
  • Comments are allowed for events
  • Select or deselect categories and tags in the top menu to narrow your search
  • Events now show in the search box on the upper right side of LynnHappens

We’ll still do featured event posts and remind readers every so often that the calendar is there as a tool to plan your weekend – or your week. Not everyone works Mon-Fri or 9-5.

Send your Happens Calendar listings, with pictures!

*There is still one small glitch in the new calendar with an easy workaround. Instead of clicking “Read more” in the pop-up when you mouse-over listings on the left side, just click on the event box. Clicking the “Read more” won’t do anything bad, though. It will just bring you back to the top of the page and that’s probably not what you intended. The bug will be fixed soon! Anyway, the calendar works best when you view it this way. The sidebar is just to show a few things coming up.

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