“Thieves won’t stop the music!”

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Atlantic Toyota Sales Manager Anthony Nash launched this gofundme campaign upon hearing of the break-in at the LynnArts Building earlier this week, where Building Bridges Through Music is located.  Thieves took $20,000 in instruments and other gear that the non-profit youth program had worked hard to obtain through generous donations and relentless fundraising.

The story broke in the Item Wednesday.

From the gofundme page

It saddens, as well as angers me to read the leading story in this morning’s (Jan. 7, 2015) Daily Item newspaper.  I can not imagine how an individual, or group of individuals could lower themselves to steal from an after school music program held for kids who come from low income households. Many whose parents could never provide these instruments for their children.  With all of that said, my goal is to raise enough money to replace the 12 guitars, the television, the brand new drum set, keyboard, amps and 5 or 6 laptops that were stolen from the Building Bridges Through Music program.  I would also like to include an 8-16 channel surveillance system. The estimated value of all equipment, including the brand new, unopened MacBook Pro laptops is approximately $20,000! Thank you in advance for your generous donations.

For more about Building Bridges Through Music, visit BBTM.org.


[Disclosure: Your LynnHappens editor is a member of the Board of Directors of the newly combined Lynn Museum and LynnArts organization that manages the building.]
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