Another accident at notorious intersection

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The intersection of Broad, Spring and Washington Streets in Downtown Lynn was the scene of an accident this evening. It appears (official sources needed) that a pedestrian may have been struck.

Photos are by Bob Bond, whose studio overlooks this *dangerous convergence of roads. Your LynnHappens editor blurred the face of the woman being loaded into the ambulance.

*This intersection has been the scene of many accidents, including one involving a friend several years ago. [EDIT] As it turns out, I know this victim as well.

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seems most people on Washington St. At the Vamp Building that are waiting to turn left up Broad Street think they have the right of way, and can cut in front of the people on Washington Street who are going inbound, over to Spring Street. Technically, wouldn’t they NOT have the right of way, since they are cutting in front of, and across the traveling lane, of those who have the right of way, since they can’t go straight into Washington since its a one way, and need to bear right onto Spring ?