Ready your cameras for the post-storm gallery & contest!

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LynnHappens has a tradition of post-storm photo galleries going back to 2009. Most galleries have a featured photo that is the “most Lynn” or “most unique” of the storm. If your photo is chosen as the most Lynn photo of the storm, you will win a $25 gift certificate to an area restaurant.

Share your videos, too! Videos must be uploaded to youtube or vimeo and you must share the link on either the fb page or in email. (Videos posted directly to facebook only will not be accepted for… reasons.)

Photos and videos don’t just have to be outside. Show us how you’re hunkering down, Lynn-style!

Email your photos to or share them on the facebook page, but either way, you must include your real full name to win.

Use this storm gallery as an example – it has a bit of everything!

Slider photo by Elsa Ascenso, taken February 8, 2013.

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