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Some businesses managed to stay open today even with the travel ban. People were out walking, snowshoeing and even skiing. Plus, the plow drivers must have coffee.



The Capitol Diner is ready to open tomorrow morning:


Chef William of the Capitol Diner

Just like he did two years ago…


Chef William cleaning up after Blizzard Nemo in 2013


Clearing the way for customers and passers-by.

Restaurants, shops and other businesses lost some money due to the storm. Stop in and drop a buck or two on something.

If your business ready to go, add the info in the comments below.

One more thing – Some sidewalks are covered in ridiculously high drifts and mounds left by plows right now, but property owners are responsible for their sidewalks. LynnHappens will be lenient and give a little extra time before the Sidewalk Patrol starts up.

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