Update from Mayor Kennedy

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[UPDATED 1/28/15 3:46PM]

The City of Lynn parking ban remains in effect at least until 12pm on Thursday, January 29th.  The DPW is currently working diligently to plow and remove snow from streets throughout the city.  These operations will continue throughout the night.

In order to facilitate the DPW efforts with snow removal, representatives from the Lynn Police Department and the Lynn Parking Department will be ticketing and towing vehicles that are parked on public streets until the snow parking ban is lifted.  All residents are advised that any vehicle parked on a public street or sidewalk is subject to being ticketed and towed.   We ask that you make arrangements to remove your vehicle from the street.  We appreciate your cooperation as we continue to respond to the significant snow accumulation that was generated by this historic storm.

Vehicles parked in school and other designated snow lots will have to move their vehicles at noon Thursday or will be subject to being ticketed and towed.

Lynn Public Schools will be closed on Thursday, January 29th.

Residents have until 5 P.M. Wednesday to clear their sidewalks of snow. Commercial properties should have been cleared already. Do not throw snow into the street because doing so will result in a fine by Inspectional Services.

Trash pickup is delayed.  Tuesday and Wednesday pickup days shall put their trash curbside for pickup on Thursday morning by 7am. If your trash is not picked up, leave it curbside and they will get to it. Although not ideal, this schedule will be updated daily based on how much Waste Management can catch up on. On average, Waste Management will be able to collect 1 and ¼ routes each day until they catch up fully. We apologize for any confusion on this and hope to get everyone collected as soon as possible. If your trash has not been collected after 2 full days curbside, please call the DPW at (781) 268-8000.

The Fire department is trying their best to locate fire hydrants and remove snow from around them. Assistance from residents is greatly appreciated in this endeavor. They will attempt to get to all of the hydrants by the weekend.

The DPW line is open for snow removal and plowing requests 24/7 at (781) 268-8000.


[UPDATED 1/28/15 12:45PM]

Parking ban will remain in effect through noon tomorrow.

School Committee member Charlie Gallo tweeted that there will be no school tomorrow, Thursday, January 29.

[UPDATED 1/28/15 11:57AM]

The parking ban is still in effect, and…

The EOC phone line distributed for non-emergencies will be closed at noon. Please call the DPW at (781) 268-8000 with plowing requests/snow removal or City Hall at (781) 598-4000 for other issues including illegal dumping of snow.

Inspectors are out ticketing for illegal snow dumping.

[UPDATED 1/27/15 9:23PM]

Trash and recycling pickup will now be delayed by 2 complete days. Tuesday’s pickup will be picked up on Thursday. Wednesday’s pickup will be on Friday. Thursday’s Pickup will be on Saturday. We are still working on a timeline for Friday’s pickup and will update residents as soon as we can.

The Lynn Fire Department kindly asks that residents assist them by clearing snow from around fire hydrants when shoveling out your properties. They may not be able to get to the hydrants for a day or so

Here’s the latest from Mayor Kennedy:

The City of Lynn has a Snow Emergency & Parking Ban on and it will remain on indefinitely at this time. The Governor’s Travel Ban is still in place.

High Tide will be at 4:52 p.m. today. It is very possible that some coastal roads in Lynn will need to be shut down due to flooding from sea water during this high tide. Residents are strongly advised to stay away from coastlines during the storm, especially at high tides.

The Emergency Operations Center is able to take calls related to the storm that are not emergencies at (781) 477-4411. The DPW line is also open for plowing issues at (781) 268-8000.

The City of Lynn has not experienced any power outages so far and will not be opening a shelter at this time. Dial 911 for emergencies.

The Lynn Fire Department kindly asks that residents assist them by clearing snow from around fire hydrants when shoveling out your properties.

Please take extra precautions in operating snow thrower machines. Find safety tips here.

Reminder that trash collection will be delayed by at least one day, starting with Tuesday’s pickup. Place your trash curbside the day after your normal trash day and leave it curbside until it is picked up. Please understand that it may not get picked up that very same day due to delays beyond Waste Management’s control.

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The streets are 2 lanes with parking on either side. Why is only a little more than one lane plowed? Come on! I guess something plowed is better than nothing.


What happened to Lexington Street again, do they not remember this side street, barely driveable still, needs to be plowed and salted, please

Adam Wright

Keep not plowing to be able to ticket cars.

That’s using your power to create a situation you can bank in on, but keep signing off on welfare cards, because we need more moochers and apparently you need more revenue.

casper lafata

I live on Shepard st. There is a no parking ban l would like to know where l can park my car without having to walk a few miles in the snow to get home. Than you.


Belmont and Revere Avenues have barely been plowed and are currently impassible. We had a car fire during the last snow storm and the Fire Department personnel had to walk up the hill carrying a fire extinguisher. That is disgraceful! God forbid we have a house fire or a medical emergency. We are running out of gas for our snowblowers and can’t get out to get more. We need help!!!

Karl Illyes

your doing a great job!!!

Lori Illyes

job well done on clearing roads in my neighborhood. Walter Street and Marianna. Keep up the good work


Get the heavy equipment to magnolia ave. For chistsake we’ve been calling all afternoon.

mike campbell

Are we ever gonna get plowed out?..haven’t seen a plow yet!!!!!!!