Sidewalk Patrol, Juno Edition

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Sidewalk Patrol began as a cooperative effort between LynnHappens and the Downtown Lynn Neighborhood Association. This edition goes slightly beyond the downtown and focuses on MBTA overpasses, crossings, public property and commercial property. It’s just a sampling of what’s out there, so if you want to send an image of an untreated spot, it may be included in a follow up post.

But before you send in images of single family homes and smaller rental properties that don’t have professional management, please consider that these are your neighbors and they may be in need of help. Be patient and help your neighbors who may not be able to do the work themselves or who may not be able to afford to hire someone.

Commercial properties, bank owned properties (that have been foreclosed on) and professionally managed properties are a different case, however, and should be expected to be on top of things. That’s why this edition of sidewalk patrol focuses on them, and perhaps not surprisingly, on commuter rail crossings.

LynnHappens isn’t in the business of playing gotchya. This is about public safety. Some of the areas pictured are near concentrations of people without cars, elderly and the disabled. Most are repeat offenders – not clearing walkways after every significant snowfall. None should be ignorant of their responsibilities to clean abutting sidewalks.

Especially the first business that’s getting called out – Family Dollar. I walked inside today and asked about their sidewalks. The cashier I spoke with understands the situation and wants the sidewalks done as much as anyone, but they can’t seem to get a response from up the corporate ladder.


The store is open with a narrow path to the entrance. No sidewalks cleared around it.


Central Ave. side


Nothing cleared on Andrew St. in back

The other side of Central Ave. is no help, either. Ward 5 Councilor Dianna Chakoutis is trying to track down the owner. This is a repeat offender.


Looking for the responsible party.

The Community Credit Union did a fantastic job cleaning their sidewalks. That small piece of land behind them and its abutting walk are untouched.


Who owns the parcel between the parking lot and Community Credit Union?

A lot of sidewalks were cleared, but need further salting or sanding. Ward 5 Councilor Chakoutis reports that the Parking Department will address the sidewalk across the street, along the Andrew Street Parking lot – your parking fees at work.


The green fence belongs to American By-Products.

It’s the T’s turn –


They did the other side, but this side is pretty much a worn path. Shopfronts are clear.


A man forced to walk in Commercial Street.

Problems have been reported all along the commuter rail route.

A concerned resident pointed out the poor conditions of these sidewalks on Parkland Ave., which could impact pedestrians trying to get to Wyoma Square.


Not even paw prints on the Barkland side of Parkland.


A nice view of a sidewalk that needs another pass.


Now this one on Spring Street is a little amusing. One building cleared very well almost to the end of their property. The building on the other side of the mound is clear. It would only take a little more effort to achieve a contiguous sidewalk.



Sidewalk briefly interrupted.

Again, this is just a small sampling of what’s out there. Most businesses and most home owners did their neighborly duty and it’s only fair to make sure everyone does. It’s also best to get what’s left of it now before it becomes an icy crust under fresh snow on Monday.

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I Love that your doing this. It’s something every town should do.
And Thank You for reminding us that our elderly and/or handicapped neighbors are in need of our help. A little bit goes a Long way!
WTGZ Lynn Happens!