Again!? Winter Storm Announcements

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A Snow Emergency & Parking Ban will be declared for the City of Lynn at 11 p.m. Sunday, February 1st.

A winter storm with moderate to heavy snow will impact the area tonight and through tomorrow, bringing up to a foot of snow. A Winter Storm Warning has been issued by MEMA.

Designated snow parking lots will be open at noon on Sunday for residents to be able to move their vehicles to off-street parking ahead of the Superbowl. Vehicles must be removed promptly from these lots at the end of a snow emergency parking ban or will be towed. Find a list of these parking lots available here:

Vehicles parked on public streets and sidewalks after 11 p.m.on Sunday are subject to a $50 parking ticket and $155 tow fee. Additionally, there is a $35 a day storage fee if your vehicle is towed.

Lynn Public Schools will be CLOSED on Monday, February 2nd.

Waste Management has informed the City that they will NOT be able to provide service to the City of Lynn on Monday. Trash will be delayed by one day which puts the entire week on a holiday schedule. Please place your trash and recycling curbside the day after your normal trash day. If your trash was missed from last week’s storm, please call the DPW at (781) 268-8000 on Monday.

The Fire Department will try their best to locate and remove snow from around fire hydrants. Assistance from residents is greatly appreciated.

Please be careful operating snow thrower machines. Find safety tips here:

The DPW phone line will be open for snow removal and plowing requests starting at 11 p.m. Sunday at (781) 268-8000.

Look for updates on<>,<> and<> *Please direct storm related concerns to the DPW phone line and emergencies to 911.

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I drive in Lynn every day, no room to maneuver as it is, why allowing parking on Essex and Union street is ridiculous


why hasn’t the city removed the snow around the schools ? Drove by shoemaker Saturday and the banks are 6feet away from the curbs no wonder why nobody can park and get down the streets. Crappy job plowing!! Unexceptable!!! The snow should have all been removed all week and now we are getting more.


Snow is 10 feet from the curb on Summer street near super sub!!! What is going to be done about that?!!!!