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Your photos of roads not plowed, sidewalks not cleared

LynnHappens will still accept photo submissions. They may either be added to this post or be included in an upcoming post. Also, if you have any lighthearted snow photos, I think some folks can use them.

Editor’s note: I’m just the messenger here. But yes, I am asking people to send their photos. I also invite anyone to send photos of jobs well done and any letters to the editor for other perspectives on the post-Juno snow cleanup. Your civil comments are welcome below, as well. People are putting themselves out there to share their concerns, and I appreciate that.

Kristin Melendez sends photos from Friday that show the importance of clearing sidewalks and cutouts to the curb –


Ford Elementary School 1/30/15, after school


Hamilton and Rock Ave., Ford School side

Melendez writes, “Out of the 4 corners at this intersection only 1 was completely shoveled out; the one at the school corner.   I guess the city figured none of these kids (adults) would need to cross the streets. No crossing guard at this end of the school; but the other end with a crossing guard all 4 corners completely shoveled out.”


After school at Ford Elementary Friday


“That beige car started to go through the stop sign when that little girl with the pink hat walked out in front of him. Black car nearly missed that adult and child.”

Melendez snapped photos of the Marshall after school as well –


Cars, trucks, Marshall School students


Objects in mirror may be school kids


Cherie Labbe says Elizabeth Street was on a list to be plowed by noon and it didn’t happen –


Kim Goguen reports from Halford Place, “People up here had to physically shovel the street if they wanted to get out!”

Halford halfway…

Here’s Alden Street – “…called everyday to have a plow come by at least once. Finally got one last night, did one pass down the middle. The middle was already plowed by guy at the end of the street. Thanks for nothing.” – Ioannis Paragios


Alden Street’s snowy center


Lastly, Rebeka sends these shots of Tracy Ave –

“This is how it was at 7:30 am when I went out and this was taken at 6 pm. Called the DPW at least 3 times and then the police because the hazardous conditions and the risk people are taking to come around that corner down to one lane. Its a dangerous curve during the summer never mind when the snow from the meadows blows into the street in this fashion.”


Tracy Ave. by Adams Street Ext.


“Here’s a few more shots at now 9pm, 12 hours after the first call from my family to the DPW.  These shots are from in front of the liquor store facing Wass Street off Tracy Ave.” says Rebekah.

TracyAveWass1 TracyAveWass2













Madison Street sent by Silvia Jordan –


Elvera Recupero says “Magnolia Ave. is very dangerous and like a sheet of ice, this unfortunate car lost control and slid into the snow bank facing the park.”

Photo was taken 5:54pm yesterday –


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Absolutely horrible job plowing. They make us move our cars off the road and then just plowed down the middle of the street. Dozens and dozens of complaints on the mayor’s Facebook page, and every single one is ignored.

Storm trooper

good thing the had the entire state shut down to keep people off the roads so they could plow them so nice


Horrible Job! I had to climb through my window to shovel. I have a 10 ft pile in my front door.


Called Lynn city hall Thursday several times-NO ANSWER! Also called Lynn DPW several times Thursday NO ANSWER! Awful plow job through out the entire city. City officials did not answer their phones. Peabody & Salem were plowed and sanded. Lynn needs to hire a new snow removal contractor period.