Sidewalk Patrol – Who is responsible for Commuter Rail overpasses?

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From Stephanie Bartelt –

“Here are pics of those overpasses on Fayette and Chestnut streets, the block where I often walk my furry beast, but also a lot of kids and fellow humans walk here, too!”


The dog looks a little sad about it

“The city has never cleared these in the years that I have lived here.”


Here’s a few other examples from previous posts –


Commercial Street


Union Street at Central Square (it is clear in front of the stores)

Is it the responsibility of the MBTA / MBCR, the city, or another party? Any other entity abutting a public sidewalk is responsible for theirs.



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James Nalesnik

All side walks with no owner is 100% city’s job even in front of everyone home we shovel for our self’s not the city and not to get fined its funny if I want to have a yard sale on what to seems to be my sidewalk I have to get a permit to have a yard sale on city property but know that’s their sidewalk has snow on it now the sidewalk is mine