Some good neighbors

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This post is about neighbors lending a hand and in some cases, spending money to help each other out. Thanks!

If you have any examples, they’ll be added to this post as they come in. Please include their names so they can be properly thanked, unless they object!


From Christopher Watson –

“Here are a few photos from the other day of Bickerton Street in Lynn. We called the city multiple times and nothing came of it.  So my neighbors and I banded together and shoveled out the majority of the street and used some snow blowers.  A plow truck came later that night and did absolutely nothing but make the street a little cleaner.”


Go Bickerton neighbors!













Melissa Taylor Nisbett –

Note: We’re waiting on information from the generous gentlemen who rented the loader.

Surfside Rd., Advanced Realty [aka Mayo Group]. 3 days buried in with snow until a neighbor rented that big truck and cleared it out.




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