Driving around Lynn this afternoon (time-lapse)

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I took the car out this afternoon with the idea of getting some pictures. I ended up helping a stuck BMW with someone in the Highlands, stopping by Gannon, passing Lynn Fire digging out hydrants and more.

First, here’s two of your photos shared on the fb page today:






Isaac Davila in the Cherry Street snow canyons.





Peter Cipriano is concerned about emergency vehicles making it down Merrill Ave. Is that a school van?





Now, the time-lapse video:


There’s no soundtrack because I don’t own the rights to anything. Blast your own playlist!

I created this time lapse with a GoPro gaffed to the dash set to take photos at one second intervals, then slowed it down a bit so it’s not too fast.

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sharon LaValley

Thanks for the speed version. lol


Thank you….I was homesick you made my day

Jan McLaughlin-Muirhead

Wow…great trip….it seems some streets are better off than others…but we are all in a bowl of snow soup for sure. I LOVED that you ended at Gannon….on a happy note with kids sledding. Fun stuff….


Great idea! Thanks for doing this!

Brilliant idea!
What’s next…A drone?

James Nalesnik

Great video you drove by my house I’m in pine hill


You drove by my apartment. Lol,