Parking ban over, cars must be moved from city lots

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From the Mayor’s Office –

The Snow Emergency Parking Ban will end at 8 a.m. today.

Please remove your vehicles from the designated city snow lots by 9 a.m.
[This does not include the MBTA garage]

Towed vehicles can be claimed at the parking lot behind Fire Headquarters at 725 Western Avenue, entrance on Federal Street.

Although there will not be a parking ban on after 8 a.m. in the City of Lynn, we are asking residents to take into consideration the historical blizzard we experienced last week and the 17″ of snow we received yesterday. The amount of snow has left some streets very narrow and without adequate parking to accommodate both the traffic flow and parking on both sides of many streets.

We are hoping to avoid any action that would prevent residents from parking near their homes and having to give out fines for parking violations. So we ask that motorists please evaluate if you are in a safe parking spot that will still allow for the flow of traffic. Please understand that parking on both sides of the street may not be an option at this point and you may be asked to move your vehicle if you are impeding the flow of traffic or snow removal.

Please be courteous and make sure your vehicle is in a safe parking spot if you must park on the street. Off-street parking is strongly encouraged to keep both you and your vehicle safe and allow for emergency vehicles to get through our streets quickly, if necessary.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and please watch for future updates regarding upcoming storms. Updates are available on, and

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