Downtown Lynn Cultural District Snow Art Contest

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From the Downtown Lynn Cultural District –

The DTLCD will run a snow art contest starting tomorrow and ending Monday at 5pm.  Those interested must create an original art piece using snow.  Once complete, contestants need only take a photo of their snow creation and post it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the #LynnSnowArt.  The winning snow art creation will be featured on the DTLCD website and win a gift card to a downtown Lynn eatery.

Prizes updated! You’ll not only win the gift certificate to a downtown Lynn restaurant, but you’ll win two tickets to the Arts After Hours production of The Complete History of America, (abridged) running March 27 – April 4, 2015.



1. Create an orginal art piece using the copious amounts of snow around you. (you may use other natural decorations, but please nothing that will make a mess or can’t blend in to the landscape once the snow melts!)

2. Upload a photo of your masterpiece to facebook, twitter or instagram – be sure to tag it #LynnSnowArt.

3. The #LynnSnowArt judges will announce a winner on Tuesday Feb 10th. The winning snow art will be featured on the DTLCD website and its creator will win a gift card to a local Lynn eatery.

*The Fine Print: Enter as many times as you like. Art may be created anywhere Lynn, MA. Entries that feature nudity, obscene images or are otherwise deemed inappropriate to the general public by the judges will be disqualified. 


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