A peek inside 33 Central Square

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The Downtown Lynn Cultural District in cooperation with Lynn Housing and Neighborhood Development and EDIC opened the doors to 33 Central Square on Friday, February 6th for mid-construction walk-throughs.

33 Central is also known as the old Arnold Stationery Building. Its last owner wasn’t able to afford the expense of keeping it from falling down, to put it simply, and long story short, it eventually came in to the hands of LHAND and EDIC. Both agencies are overseeing the building’s conversion into affordable live/work condos targeted towards artists and those who work in creative fields.

Prices range (approximate/early numbers) from $70k to $130k and special financing/assistance is available for those who qualify.

Click on the floorplans to view in a new window.


Rear-facing unit


Front-facing unit





The tour began at Raw Art Works next door with Peggy Phelps from LHAND. Refreshments and coffee were provided by DTLCD.


Bob Bond (left)

We went in through what will be the residential entrance. Behind the stairs, a shaft awaits an elevator. To the right is a space that will have its own entrance, tentatively defined as a gallery.


Blueprints in the gallery / retail side


The back room of the gallery / retail space


We were told these are “Scissor stairs.”


A front-facing unit


View from the top



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