Snow photos and time lapses!

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Thank you to everyone who submitted photos this round. You can find the names of the photographers and any related details underneath the enlarged photos when you click on the thumbnails.

Putting our pictures together to share with everyone whenever the weather gets a bit crazy has become a Lynn tradition.


Isaac Davila Photography


I’d like to give a special thanks to Isaac Davila Photography for being really generous with his photos the last few storms.



Photos from 2-8-15 and 2-9-15

[nggallery id=176]

Photos from 2-10-15

[nggallery id=177]

Photos from LynnHappens taken the evening of 2-9-15

[nggallery id=175]

Oh, and the most Lynn Photo of the Storm is a tie between –


Lynn Beach Swimmers by Ron Mendes



Putting it to good use by Carla Benedetto












Here’s a time lapse from February 10th driving around Lynn. I stopped and did some errands along the way. At the end, I let the camera keep going after I parked to catch the sunset in Central Square. It has music this time!

I also took one February 8th through February 9th, but stationary in Central Square except for the camera slowly tilting as the tape pulled off the cold window –


Follow this link to see the previous driving-around-Lynn time lapse

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