A poem to the editor

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A poem to the editor by Joe Poniatowski (originally posted to the LynnHappens fb page) –

Lynn, Lynn, City of Pain
The streets are worse than back roads of Maine

I know we’ve had over six feet of snow
But here are some observations you should know

It started with the Blizzard that hit our suburb
But the plow drivers never went “curb to curb”

This all started the narrowing of our streets
And the giant mounds of snow, where the road meets

I commute from Lynn thru-Swampscott, Salem, Peabody, Danvers, Middleton, No. Andover to Lawrence
The condition of the streets in Lynn make no sense

The recent even side parking rule doesn’t work
The streets are too narrow and because of parking ban rule breaking jerk

They park on the left and park on the right, which leaves no room for traffic to pass
I am writing to inform you of my thoughts, not meant to vent, ramble, and to just sass

It takes longer to go the last 5 miles of my trip home
Than it does to fly all the way to Rome

City of Lynn we need your help
To widen the roads and we don’t need the no nonsense excuse yelp

If one cannot clear the roads as assigned on their route
They should maybe be given the BOOT

I fear an emergency will bring light
Too the fact are streets are very blight

We love our City of Lynn that we call home here
But recent events cause us to look somewhere else near

It’s time to admit fault and get some help from others
So the residents of Lynn can be proud and be like brothers

I have seen the snow rage first hand for no reason
Can we please fix this mess before the spring season

I have a snow blower but can only do so much
The banks of snow are high, deep, and such

Please Lynn help us all out
Before we all further our doubt


Photo included by Joe Poniatowski with his poem


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