Lynn + Essex County Images and Time-lapses

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These are all from Sunday, February 15th, 2015

Here is a Central Square time-lapse from 1:15am to 8:15am accompanied by Open Sea Morning by Puddle of Infinity. (complimentary of youtube’s canned music)

Later that afternoon, I went on a drive through parts of Essex County. I started in downtown Lynn, went over the causeway to Nahant, back through Lynn to Peabody and 128, couldn’t get off 128 fast enough, then up through Ipswich and Essex to 133 and Gloucester. On the way back, I cut through downtown Beverly and a little bit of Salem.

Photographs were automatically taken at 1 second increments. I would have preferred a setting of .5 seconds for smoother motion, but my GoPro has a 64gb card limit. As it is, the card maxed out before making it back to Lynn.

The soundtrack is It’s Natural to be Afraid by Explosions in the Sky. I would have used their track Snow and Lights, but it was two minutes too short. I don’t claim any copyright.

I took some stills with a telephoto lens when it was safe to do so. In the video, you can see me get out with the camera.

Previous time-lapses can be found here and here.

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