5 Questions: Joe Nichols

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Fans of Joe Nichols have something to look forward to as he hit the road to bring his music to them. Joe will be appearing at the House of Blues tomorrow.



SD: How has your music changed since releasing your first (self-titled) album back in 1996?

JN: My sound and music have changed due to my maturity. I know more about who I am and what I want out of life. Also, the way records are made now is so different from when I started. The process is so much longer now, so it takes longer to release a new album.

SD: What drew you to want to perform country music?

JN: I grew up watching my family play. We would get together and have jam sessions. I loved watching my daddy and grandfather play, and growing up I wanted to be like them.

SD: I love the comic feel of the video for “Yeah,” how much creative input do you have when it comes to making your videos?

JN: I am more like the editor of the newspaper. I leave all the creative input to the director. I have very little input. My favorite part of making any video is the performing.

SD: What’s behind the title of the new album, “Crickets”?

JN: It’s my eighth studio album and it was released at a time when I was (still am) in a good place in my life. “Crickets” is like listening to the sound of the country and that is what I liked about the title.

SD: If your life was made into a country song what would it be titled?

JN: It would be call “Unpaved.” My life is unscripted and I live day to day. I love the surprises that each new day holds.

For more information on Joe Nichols visit www.joenichols.com and to purchase tickets to see Joe at the House of Blues on February 28th visit www.livenation.com

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