Girls Inc. March Volunteer Spotlight

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Part of the Solution is Girls Inc. of Lynn’s youth advisory council to Lynn’s Communities that Care Coalition. The group is comprised of teens who attend Lynn Public Schools and is led by SCI AmeriCorps Youth Leadership Coordinator, Benine Mudymba. Its mission is to foster civic engagement, build community pride amongst Lynn residents, and to provide teens with healthy alternatives to risky behaviors.

POS is a youth driven initiative made up of Lynn teens ages 14-18. So far, they’ve hosted various events such as “Karaoke Night,” which was aimed at providing a healthy substance-free alternative to teens in Lynn. The members of this year’s POS got involved in many different ways. POS member Alanah has been involved with Girls Inc. of Lynn since sixth grade. Of her experience with POS, she says, “People always think of Lynn as a bad city, and I want to help give it a better name.” Another member, Kristen, says she joined POS because, “I’ve always been into making a difference through community service and helping others in any way I can.” All of the members of POS are dedicated to making positive progress for the City of Lynn through active engagement and community involvement.

POS holds monthly meetings which are free and open to the public at Girls Inc. of Lynn. The meetings are a chance to get the public involved in POS’s vision of creating a more prideful Lynn through community oriented activities, skill building workshops, and more. Additionally, POS is currently planning their annual Harmony Among Lynn Teens (HALT) Conference, their kick-off event to celebrate Lynn and provide teens with a safe and healthy space to have fun and learn new things. This year’s conference will include workshops on feminism, bullying, domestic violence, and more. The conference will lead up to HALT’s Dance Party – you won’t want to miss it! For more information on the HALT Conference or POS’s monthly meetings contact Benine at

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