Dollar Tree fire not as bad as it looked

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Fire at dollar store does dollars in damage (sorry)

[UPDATE] According to a story in the Item today, the fire was caused by someone battling ice with a blowtorch.

Shannon Thomas shared a photo on the fb page of what appears to be the Dollar Tree roof fully engulfed earlier today.


My reaction to the photo was, “Yikes, Hope everyone got out okay.”

At 6:45pm, I heard again about the Dollar Tree fire, so I swung by on the way to City Council. As I was getting out of the Happens-mobile, a guy (an employee of DT, presumably), came out of the dark store and told me it might be open in an hour. I let him know that I was taking photos and he talked about the fire like it was really nothing. He said the electricity had been shut off as a standard procedure. There wasn’t much to capture but some charred gunk on a snowbank and a blue tarp at the edge of the roof.




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