Photos to the editor shame the MBTA

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This voluntary act of sidewalk shoveling occurred several days ago. The following statement and photo came today –

…for neglecting their prominent Arts District sidewalk all winter. Victorious Barbers’ owner Master IC and patron Calvin Anderson performed a public service rite of spring and cleaned the hazardous walkway. Both hope ISD issued the requisite fines to the MBTA!”


Master IC Calvin Anderson cleared the long-neglected walk adjacent to the Commuter Rail overpass.


Editor’s note:

I have heard that it’s not possible for the city to fine the MBTA for not doing walks because a city can’t fine the state, supposedly. However, I’ve been told by Ward 5 Councilor Dianna Chakoutis that attempts have been made over the course of this intense winter by Lynn officials to get the T to do its civic duty.

Universal Hub has chronicled similar issues with T-adjacent sidewalks and MBTA overpasses in Boston and there have been complaints from Lowell, as well. There’s no doubt the T has a lot to answer for, and we must keep the pressure on for improved service and improved storm cleanups.

Let’s hope this is the last snow post of the season.

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