Lynn will be part of an international blood donation marathon

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From Juan Gonzalez –

“Life is in the Blood – Donating the Gift of Life”


Students volunteers from KIPP Academy and Lynn Classical High School are saying, “No matter which school you attend, this is a campaign with something in common: Love for life.”

The objective of this campaign is to save more than 500 children’s lives and to raise awareness in society about the need for a change in the blood donation system; to promote a culture of regular, voluntary and spontaneous donation. A culture of voluntary and habitual blood donation in each individual must be the pillar of all national blood systems.

Given the constant need for safe blood to be available when blood transfusions are required for certain illnesses, accidents, childbirth complications or surgeries, blood donation has become an act of solidarity.

This event is being held by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, and even though here in the United States there are constant blood drives, we have noticed that the new generation is losing the culture of donating blood to save lives.

As well for that day, we plan to have a walk from City Hall to Kipp Academy under the slogan: “Walking for the Gift of Life.”  Lynners are more then welcome to join us and there is no money required.

The blood drive is supported by a number of institutions and Boston Children’s Hospital will be the beneficiary.

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