Bars of Lynn Update (with politics, theatre, and of course, drinks)

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This week’s update started on Thursday with this post at April’s and local alumni of Saint Michael’s College in Vermont meeting at Tatiana’s in downtown Lynn. (One came from NH.)


Mike Crounse used the #barsoflynn hashtag to tempt us with a margarita from Hacienda Corona on the Lynnway.


Photo by Mike Crounse

State Representative and City Councilor at-Large Brendan Crighton held a political fundraiser at Tatiana’s Friday with music from Not Sure Community College. The band includes his brother, Kevin Crighton. A political fundraiser in Lynn is always a party (bad joke).


Rep. Crighton with Not Sure Community College

Took a lot of photos, so here’s the rest to click if you wish to see.

Your editor left the packed Tatiana’s for a bit of quiet at Rosetti’s


Bartenders Tim Kotkowski and Andrew Imbracsio at Rosetti’s downtown



I was keeping it within walking distance Friday, so I ordered a drink called a “Not a Martini.” It was true to its name and delicious.


A few steps later, I was the recently opened R.F. O’Sullivan’s where I ran into Brother’s Deli owner George Markos and Jordan Avery. (Never drink and shoot in manual mode.)


Slightly blurred: Jordan Avery and George Markos

Saturday with Arts After Hours could be its own post, but keep scrolling and we’ll be done in one.

Why is it in Bars of Lynn you ask? A temporary bar is set up in a bank vault, which is also the entryway to the theatre where there’s a sign, “Food and drink ARE allowed.” Before the play, “Complete History of America (abridged)” Tony Gallo hosted an open mic with Arts After Hours’ artistic coordinator Carolyn Cole – who also happens to be in the above featured Not Sure Community College.

Friday and Saturday night were met with the loudest laughter we’ve heard in Lynn since they tried to rename us Ocean Park!” – AAH

Tickets are available here.


Joy Campbell, Jill Oliver & Erin Cheever pre-show in the vault

Open mic photos –

State Rep. and Councilor at-Large Brendan Crighton was the guest of honor Saturday night, opening the show and cracking a few jokes. Here’s a few exclusive photos of the performance.






If you’re out in Lynn on any given night and have a photo to share, use #barsoflynn on fb or twitter and it may make the next update.

Check out the past Bars of Lynn posts, here.

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