Traffic Alert for tomorrow’s Easter Procession

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Photos and a video of last year’s Stations of the Cross can be seen here.

From the Mayor’s office –

Downtown Lynn Traffic Alert – Friday April 3rd


On Friday, April 3rd, St. Joseph’s Parish will once again coordinate a Stations of the Cross Procession through the streets of downtown Lynn. Up to 150 participants will re-enact each station as they walk along the procession route. It is scheduled to start at 11:30 and may take up to 2 ½ hours to complete. In addition to the large number of participants, this procession usually draws a crowd of 500 to 700 spectators along the procession route which can impact the flow of traffic and create hazards for pedestrians and motorists in the area. There are some sections of the route where it will be necessary to temporarily close the street to traffic during portions of the procession.

The event will begin on the field adjacent to the gazebo on the Lynn Common and it will conclude at the St. Joseph’s Parish Center on Green St.

The procession will stop for each station at the following locations:

#1 & #2 Lynn Commons @ the Bandstand
#3 South Common @ City Hall Sq. (St. Mary’s Rectory)
#4 Central Ave. @ Liberty St.
#5 Washington St. between Oxford St. and Munroe St.
#6 Washington St. @ Railroad bridge. (between Munroe and Union St.)
#7 Union St. under the Railroad bridge (between Washington & Central Sq.)
#8 Union St. @ Silsbee St. (between Central Sq. and Freeman Sq.)
#9 Union St. in front of St. Joseph’s church.
#10 Green St. at the St. Joseph’s Parish Center

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