5 Questions: Justin Willman

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Justin Willman, talented magician/comedian and former host of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, will be performing at The Wilbur Theatre this Friday. Willman is bringing his new live show “Fake Believe” to town on the heels of his debut special “Sleight of Mouth” which just aired on Comedy Central.

SD: What is the first magic trick that you learned?

JW:   I was 12 years old. It was a dinner table trick, the mysterious salt shaker disappearance, I still perform it. You wouldn’t believe how many times I missed my lap only to have the shaker come crashing to the floor.

SD: As a graduate of Emerson College, what are you most looking forward to coming back to Boston?

JW: Some of my fondest memories are from Boston. I can’t wait to walk through the Boston Common and the Public Garden. That walk has always been my happy place as I was walking to school, only to fall asleep in class.

SD: What can you tell us about your upcoming Comedy Central special “Sleight of Mouth?”

JW: It aired Monday night, April 6th. As a magician, I always try to be diverse in what I do. This show was my chance to do all of those thing – perform on a stage and bust out some tricks on the street. I even performed some magic tricks for some people that were high. I don’t think I will ever do that again.

SD: As the host of “Cupcakes Wars”, how many do you think you have eaten?

JW: Oh man, I tried to taste every one! After the scene cut away, I would finish the judge’s cupcakes. Thank goodness the war is over, because I would be definitely showing the side effects of it.

SD: What can the audience expect to see at your show?

JW: It will be like my Comedy Central special. For years, I have tried to be either a comedian or a magician. I am finally able to combine the both and do it right. I am excited to be performing at the Wilbur Theatre. I can’t even tell you how many times I would stumble past there drunk (Laughs). I have now come full circle.

For more information on Justin visit www.justinwillman.com and to purchase tickets to see him at the Wilbur theatre on April 10th visit www.ticketmaster.com.

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