Danny Collins

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Director/Writer Dan Fogelman with Steve Duffy

In Dan Fogelman’s directorial debut, Danny Collins, (loosely based on a true story that happened to British singer-songwriter Steve Tilston), tells the story of Danny Collins (Al Pacino), an aging rock star who receives a birthday gift (a framed letter to him from John Lennon) from his agent and best friend, Frank Grubman (Chistopher Plummer).


Not only is his career a mess, but his personal life is no better. He has a family that he has never met: his adult son (Bobby Cannavale), daughter-in-law (Jennifer Garner), and their daughter (Katarina Cas). After he receives the letter, Danny decides to rethink his rocker ways and tries to reconnect with his estranged family.

I did enjoy watching Pacino in this larger-than-life role sporting a fake tan, lots of jewelry, and an assortment of pinstriped suits. There are some tender moments between him and Cannavale, who would rather that his deadbeat dad had no part of his life.

Annette Bening provides the romantic comedy relief as the manager of the hotel, who befriends Danny.

The soundtrack is a star in its own right, the film is filled with classic John Lennon songs.

There really is no surprising moment or ending to this movie, but it is worth it to see all the wonderful performances.

R for language, drug use and some nudity

Run Time: 1 hr. 46 min.

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