More filming downtown Monday – parking restrictions

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Signs downtown warn of “Construction” Monday, but what’s really happening is a short scene for a part of Kay’s Baptism (alternately known as “Joy.”)

The amount of signs and addition of sawhorses to hang more signs is a sign they mean business.


It’s the same film that made people scratch their heads when they saw a Kmart sign on Boston Street and brought some yachts to Lynn Harbor off-season. But with all the production going on, we should be fairly used to turning a corner and finding nothing but pristine 30 year old cars parked on the street, or Native American settlements in Lynn Woods, or a pirate ship off our coast. It’s not a time portal. It’s just ABC, HBO, Hallmark Films (Germany) or Hollywood.

The signs went up earlier this weekend and say “8am to 5pm,” though that is not likely to be the case and they will come down when the shoot is over. The official letter, dated Friday April 10th, (below) only says “…sometime between 8am and 11am on 4/13.”

All the impacted streets are in this letter –


Friday, April 10, 2015 Dear Resident,

We are pleased to inform you that Twentieth Century Fox will be filming scenes from our upcoming production, “Kay’s Baptism” in your area on Monday, April 13th.

We plan to film a brief exterior scene on Central Ave sometime between 8am and 11am on 4/13.

Listed below are the areas we will be intermittently closing traffic to the public for approximately 1 hour sometime between 8am-­‐11am on this day of filming with City of Lynn Police on detail:

-­‐ Munroe St @ Washington St
-­‐ Central Sq @ Union St

Additional NO PARKING restrictions listed below:

-­‐ Central Ave from Munroe St to Oxford St.
-­‐ Central Sq from Union St to Munroe St-­‐ PARTIAL ONLY
-­‐ Willow St from Blake St to Oxford St
-­‐ Blake St from Almont St to Willow St.

We will do our best to be a good guest to your neighborhood and to minimize the impact on your daily schedules. In doing so, we are working closely with the City of Lynn Mayor’s Office, Police Department, and Department of Public Works to ensure that this is a mutually agreeable experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.


Thank you for your time,

“Kay’s Baptism” Locations Department (857) 302-­‐0923

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