“500” – Large Downtown Lynn Cleanup April 25th

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Earth Day is April 22nd, but it’s one of those holidays people celebrate when convenient, and one that should be, as the saying goes, every day. A few days later – Saturday, April 25th, Juan Gonzalez from Without Borders Magazine along with a sizable group of sponsors that includes LynnHappens will descend on downtown and pick it clean.

In April 2013 Juan Gonzalez gathered a coalition around a successful cleanup effort called “300” (link to coverage).

It’s 2015, and Gonzalez is calling it “500.”

Lisa Nerich of the Lynn DPW will receive a special thanks for her efforts, and in particular, for providing tools and support on the day. Plus, recycling Coordinator Julia Greene will take a moment to speak to the volunteers about the city’s still-new trash and recycling program in an effort to do more outreach to the Latino community. A similar outreach and education effort was made when Councilor Hong Net organized a forum with the Cambodian Community (Video of that forum, here).

Volunteers are meeting at Lynn City Hall at 8:30am, and here’s a bonus for people who register through this link – present your registration ticket at Bernie’s Place for half-off your order. (Valid once per registration and through May 7th.)


Other cleanups (with more to be added) –

Earth Fest in Lynn Woods this Saturday, April 18th

West Lynn Community Cleanup with One City One Voice, April 18th

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