Brief parking restrictions for film Wednesday

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The continued filming of Joy/Kay’s Baptism will require some further parking restrictions in downtown Lynn Wednesday, but for just a two hour window within the times noted below. The rest of the scenes will take place indoors in …Hotel Bartlett?

A vintage hotel sign hangs off the facade of the recently vacated Item building.

Just last month the building was a Boston Police station for the ABC Pilot, Broad Squad. When does it earn its SAG card?


photo by Mike Crounse


Anyway, here’s the latest notice for parking and traffic restrictions, which can also be seen on light poles in the neighborhood:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 Dear Resident,

We are pleased to inform you that Twentieth Century Fox will be filming scenes from our upcoming production, “Kay’s Baptism” in your area on Wednesday April 15th

We plan to film interior and exterior scenes nearby during the day and into the early evening. Our hours are subject to change, however, as of now we are scheduled to have a presence in Lynn from 8am to 12am on 4/15. Prep and Wrap crews will be in the area several days before and after the filming crew.

Listed below are the areas we will be intermittently closing traffic to the public for approximately 2 hours sometime between 8am-­‐12pm on the day of filming with City of Lynn Police on detail. Between 12pm–10pm there will be intermittent traffic control at the detail officer’s discretion for about 3 minutes at a time. All local businesses will remain open during our filming.

-­‐Exchange St from Broad St to Central Sq.
-­‐Spring St from Broad St to Exchange St.
-­‐Mt. Vernon St from Silsbee St to Exchange St.
-­‐Union St at Central Sq.

Additional parking restrictions listed below:

-­‐Partial no parking on Mt. Vernon St.
-­‐Partial even side no parking on Exchange St to Central Sq.
-­‐No parking on Spring St.
-­‐Partial no parking on Washington St from Union St to Broad St

We will do our best to be a good guest to your neighborhood and to minimize the impact on your daily schedules. In doing so, we are working closely with the City of Lynn Mayor’s Office, Police Department, and Department of Public Works to ensure that this is a mutually agreeable experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.


Thank you for your time,
“Kay’s Baptism” Locations Department (857) 302-­‐0923




More photos from this production, here.


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