5 Questions: Baritone Duncan Rock

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5 Questions is a feature by Steve Duffy –


credit: Boston Lyric Opera/Eric Antoniou



Duncan Rock a rising star in the opera world and he is also making his US debut in the Boston Lyric Opera’s production of “Don Giovanni.” Set to the music of Wolfgang Mozart, Don Giovanni tells the story of a man who is obsessed with women. He lets them rule his life, he seduces them, and then runs from them.


SD: What made you want to pursue a career in opera?

DR: In my first life, I was a lawyer. While attending law school, I found myself spending more time in the music department. The more I did law, the less I liked it. In 2007, I had the good fortune to win a scholarship to study music at London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

SD: What is your routine before a performance?

DR: I work-out. I usually like to swim in the morning and then I am incredibly lazy. I lay on the couch and watch Netflix and eat a big meal.

SD: Don Giovanni is about an arrogant man with no morals. What was it about the character that inspired you to take the role?

DR: He is the most iconic role in opera. I found him to be an extraordinary difficult role to tackle. He lives his life according to what he thinks it is right. He is chained to nothing. You either love him or you don’t.

SD: Don Giovanni is a seducer, who is the one person you would love to seduce?

DR: I’m going to go with the safest possible answer {he laughs}, the audience!

SD: Why should we come and see Don Giovanni?

DR: It is a fabulous and interesting story filled with 3-dimensional characters. You will become invested in them all very quickly. The music is beautiful and a big part of the show. I promise it will be an entertaining evening.

For more information on Duncan visit www.duncanrock.wordpress.com and to purchase tickets to see Duncan in Don Giovanni visit www.blo.org. Don Giovanni is playing May 1 -10

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