5 Questions: Nick Kroll

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5 Questions is a feature by Steve Duffy –


Comedian Nick Kroll, the star of FX’s “The League” and Comedy Central’s “The Kroll Show,” steps out of his comfort zone as a first-time movie producer with Adult Beginners.

SD: Why this movie?

NK: Part of doing the movie was to just learn how to do it. I have produced TV and web stuff, but never a film, so it was a new experience for me. I have never before been a lead in a film either so trying not to worry about anything except acting was a big challenge for me. Mark Duplass, my co-star in The League, helped me navigate the whole process.

SD: You came up with the story idea, but did you seek out writers for the script?

NK: I read a lot of bios and I really wanted to have at least one female voice in the writing process because my imagination is somewhat limited, plus so much of the story is based on Rose being a young mother. I chose Liz Flahire and Jeff Cox (actual husband and wife) because they were keyed into the storyline because of what they had going on personally. I was excited to have them onboard.

SD: What makes comedic actors drawn into drama?

NK: We are just more talented than dramatic actors. I only half mean that [he laughs]. I think it is all about accessing the emotions that you need to have a dramatic performance. I do think it is easier to go comedic to dramatic then the other way.

SD: You and Rose Byrne had a great chemistry together as brother and sister. What was it like working with her?

NK: It was great! She was the first actress that I asked to play my sister and the most central part to the movie working or not. She really identified with their relationship and connected to the script.

SD: Everyone in the film has a vice that they have to help deal with in life. What vices do you have?

NK: I have multiple: Coffee is a big one. I’m addicted to jars of milk. I think my phone is the weirdest one that we all have. If I had to place a few in order of importance, it would be food, pot, booze, and phone. They all help me deal with life [he laughs].

Adult Beginners is now showing in theatres. It can also be found in ON DEMAND and iTUNES. For more information on Nick visit www.nickkroll.com

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