Lynn Adult Emergency Shelter needs money for beds!

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The shelter has launched an online campaign.

From the Lynn Shelter Association –

The beds at our adult emergency shelter came from a nunnery about twelve years ago. There are normal wear-and-tear, splits in the mattresses, and lumps and bumps. It’s time for new beds (frames and mattresses) for our guests at the emergency shelter. John’s Furniture in Lynn has given the Lynn Adult Emergency Shelter a great deal, with a generous discount. He will replace all of the beds (frames and mattresses), plus bed bug covers for each, and free delivery.

We need to raise $9,875 and those beds are ours!  Please help us raise these much needed funds. Please donate by using our online fundraising platform,

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Paula – lovely of you to want to help – call me and let’s talk


paula riley

I work for Bertucci’s in Swampscott and I feel your organization could benifit greatly from one of our charity nights please contact me if intrested . PAULA RILEY @ I would love to help make this happen♡♡

HI – I run LSA and anyone who knows us, knows we run a tight ship. We use donations wherever we can. Volunteers are a key element in pretty much all of our programs. But somethings you just have to buy.and mattresses are one of them. Right now, we have GE volunteers painting the shelter. And donating part of the new floor our facilities guy is going to put down. A Beautification Committee has been formed to make a very old space look brighter and fresher. bless their hearts. Anything you can do to help……….a hand up…not a hand out.… Read more »