Dirty Dancing – The Classic Story on Stage

Review by Steve Duffy –

DDDie-hard fans will be thrilled to know that the show stays true to the original 1987 classic coming-of-age story; including dialogue, choreography, and settings.

The Johnny (Pergande) – Baby (Abbott, a look-a-like Jennifer Grey) chemistry lacked the rapturous and emotional element that Swayze and Grey had.

There were only a few vocal performances, but they were the highlights of the production, Jennlee Shallow and Doug Carpenter. After hearing Carpenter belt out “In the Still of the Night”, I wanted to hear more of him singing.

The show is more about the dancing than anything else. There is a lot of bumping and grinding happening that made the show bearable to watch.

Dirty Dancing does provide some of the most memorable moments that we all loved. Johnny and Baby’s lip-synched floor-crawl to “Love is Strange”. The dance lesson on a log. The iconic lift.

You may be enticed to buy tickets to the show by the nostalgic memory of the film, but my advice is to just stay home and watch the DVD.

Run: 2 Hours and 30 Minutes. (15 Intermission)

Dirty Dancing is now playing at the Citi Emerson Colonial Theatre through May 10th. For more information about the show and to purchase tickets visit www.citicenter.org

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