5 Questions: Paul Reiser

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Paul Reiser may be most remembered for his role on television’s Mad About You, but the veteran actor is returning to his roots as a stand-up comedian.

SD: How did you get started in stand-up comedy?

PR: I did it the old fashion way – I was attending college just as comedy clubs were popping up. You would wait 8 hours for 5 minutes of stage time. After your audition, you just hope you get called back. When I was a kid, I loved comedy, but I was not thinking of it as a career. I just figured they were born with that job. It was not until I was older, that I realized that you could actually make it your career and work towards becoming what you wanted to be.

SD: After a long absence from behind the stand-up mic, why is now the time?

PR: I had always intended to perform stand-up again, it was just placed on the back burner by mistake. Often times, I would host a charity event and it reminded me how fun stand-up was. I forget how much I loved performing. After my last hosting gig, I called a club and did a routine. It was heartwarming how it paralleled my first time. Stand-up is not easy, but a simple art form.

SD: You have written three books. Is it easier to write a book or material for the stage?

PR: I have written three books and read four. The first one was taking stand-up and making it accessible for the page. My third book was written just to be written. Writing for a page doesn’t have to be chock full of laughs, it’s about the value in telling a story.

SD: Amazon and Netflix are really changing the way people watch TV. What was it about Amazon’s Red Oaks that got your attention?

PR:   It really is a new frontier of TV watching. My attraction was that there were a lot of great people involved, plus the script is really great. My character is very interesting. I love the feel and the nostalgia of the show. I’m the protagonist of the main character. I am finally the old guy in this show.

SD: What’s the focus of your show at the Wilbur Theatre?

PR: Sailing and maritime lore. The focus will be to be funny. I don’t really have a focus – I hope to be funny. I want the audience to be satisfied and if they are not, I will come back and take them all to see someone else funnier than me.

To purchase ticket to see Paul at the Wilbur theatre on May 8th visit www.ticketmaster.com.

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