Friday at Lynn Auditorium: Rock Opera “The Devil and Billy Shake”

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“Bigger, better, bolder and more badass,”  locally written and produced rock opera The Devil and Billy Shake returns to Lynn on the Lynn Auditorium stage on Friday, June 5th

Brian Maes and George Simpson

Brian Maes and George Simpson


Last summer the rock opera The Devil and Billy Shake debuted its first production at Lynn Arts when it was directed by Corey Jackson of Arts After Hours.  The musical is a tale of good vs. evil, using a collection of original rock songs to tell the story. The production has been staged a few times, and George Simpson and Brian Maes, the writers, have had a meeting with Broadway backers to get feedback in order to make it more “Broadway ready.”


Staging a series of productions and getting the feedback after each one, the production has added storyline, seven more songs, more meaningful interactions between the characters and the usual refinement and additions of props and sets.

One demand from the audience was for more back stories on the characters, and Brian Maes and George Simpson turned to Lynn fine artist and graphic designer Emmanuelle Le Gal to provide that backs story. The June 5th production will include 12 original paintings shown via video to tell the story of Billy Shake’s early years. Le Gal explains,” I had never done anything like this before and wanted to be truthful to the story and to the characters. Brian and I worked back and forth on these scenes to make sure that the audience could be emotionally engaged and captivated by the characters before the show starts.”


“Billy Shake Returning Home” by Emmanuelle Le Gal

Friday, June 5th 2015 Doors: 7:00 PM Lynn Auditorium 3 City Hall Square Lynn, MA. Call 781 599 (SHOW) 7469, or visit

For more information on the show, visit the website at

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LynnCAM TV interview with Brian Maes

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