Storm Trooper Arrested Yesterday by Brickett Elementary

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6/4/2015 [updated 7:42pm]

A victory for the LPD Rebel Alliance?

The incident occurred yesterday outside of Brickett Elementary School on Lewis Street.

A police spokesperson confirms that there was an arrest made for “Disturbing the school” and “Loitering within 1000ft of a school.”

According to Lynn Police, the Brickett Principal called them out of concern. Students were held in the school past closing and parents had to stay away until the arrest was made.

These photos were posted to a public page on social media, photographer unknown but contact was made with one of the distributors of the photos.

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Editor’s note: Now, holding a gun-like thing, no matter how fake, especially near a school but anywhere in public, is never a good idea. Besides, there are still some folks out there who haven’t seen Star Wars. To them, this can only be very frightening. A colleague of mine saw this picture and the only thing she noticed was the gun. She didn’t recognize the costume.


The storm trooper appears to be posing for the camera, but that’s a little unclear because the grainy photo suggests it was zoomed in from a distance.

Lynn Police arresting the storm trooper. Note that the helmet is still on.


Channel 7 has the story this evening:

7News Boston WHDH-TV

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“I’ll bet one of the Janitors would” – ROTFLM….

Note to Editor RE – “no matter how fake” Let’s walk down the street with a real AS50 (sans scope) with an orange tipped muzzle and see how many people think it’s a fake?

The police did their job applying the LAW they are sworn to uphold – end of story.

If the commies don’t like it then they should bring he issue to the PEOPLE and tell them to vote for candidates who will repeal these draconian laws written to help protect school children.


Have ANY of the “kids” at the school said that they were upset about anything except to over reaction of the faculty?


Seriously? You need to turn off the tv, get a drink of water and take a nice walk, it’s going to be okay.

Mark LeGault

Sorry,Not a good idea!


Intentions of a funny guy, doesn’t matter. Body armor n a gun (with a helmet on so no identity n no head shot), in front of a school -matters, in a mall -matters, anywhere -matters. Unfortunately, our surroundings of our society has changed, this is reality. I had to confront a person who had ufc gloves on, a mask over his eyes, a life vest that looked like armor, carrying some box that could have wa gun or knives or drill or whatever. He was staring at the Pre-K children. I approached… He said he thought the children would like… Read more »


I think this man rocks! I roared when I read this. Then I read the poor guy got arrested. I can understand now, with the way the world is, but it’s sad to me that he was likely just trying to brighten the kids day and instead got arrested. I get it, people were worried because it appeared he had a weapon, and again, that’s the sad reality of life today. But Stormtrooper on, Sir. I, for one, appreciate your sense of humor.


Maybe he was just waiting for the bus to the DeathStar so he could get to work? Who knows probably shouldn’t speculate about it to much wouldnt want to be mistaken for a journalist.


Mabey he was just waiting for the bus to the DeathStar so he could get to work.


Guarantee charges will be dropped. “Disturbing a school”? Really?

Bob A. Feet

To clarify, he is likely not with an LFL group. decent Halloween costume but….

Bob A. Feet

As a costumer for an LFL approved group, the guy didn’t think this through. Likely he was just trying to make some kids smile but we usually have a point of contact and people (local PD) are aware of what we will be doing before we do it. I have a “Boba Fett” and live just down the street from my child’s school, but I don’t just throw the thing on and walk around like it’s no big deal.


yes being ignorant of older movies is definitely grounds for calling the cops on someone. lol kidding


i saw this guy yesterday. he was “walking” dow the street and picked up moments after. anyone ever think he was just dressing up? what’s this world coming to? people dressing up and having fun? no way! that shit’s only alright in movies. this world is disgusting and not because people like him, but, because of sick paranoid people that need to be on medication because they think the world is out to get them; most likely because they watch way to much shit on the news. Go outside people get a damn life and enjoy the world. we only… Read more »


it’s not a new world. its a generation of paranoid freaks is what it is. bad shit happens everyday. the only difference between now and say the 80’s is that everyone and their mother will hear about it.


and only sick people go around thinking the worst of everyone.

todd bixby

the world is full of idiots and arresting someone just because he is in costume and carrying a fake gun is idiotic. this country is going to hell FAST!

You know, if the principal was too big a coward to go out and talk to the “Stormtrooper”, I’ll bet one of the Janitors would have. Call the police? REALLY?

Atty Luke Skywalker

Arrested for carrying the handle of a vacuum cleaner and dressing like a Sony marshmallow. Its a fine line when you charge “disturbing a school” because then anything that disturbs ppl can lead to arrest when really is just a populace raised to be like ignorant frightened sheep.

Im not surprised ppl in lynn havent seen star wars yet. It hasn’t yet been translated into Cambodian and EBT doesn’t pay for Internet or cable.

correction – Within a 1000 feet of the school 🙂

You must also consider that a cool costume is an easy way to get young kids to talk to/follow a stranger. I think the principal made the right call in notifying the police. If I were a parent there to surprise a child, I would have let the staff know that’s what I was doing, so there would be no confusion. Since one of the charges was loitering on the school’s property, I would say this individual did not do that.


Never seen the moving but still recognize they costume but guns in a school zone is the obvious issue, makes me wonder did the principal speak to them ask them to leave and they refused ?? It’s not cool to scare children … If you’re picking up your kid in costume leave the gun home the costume speaks for itself and think ahead call the school say hey I’m gonna surprise my kid and pick them up in costume that way someone has the answers and can inform people … When you’re in a school area, face covered and holding… Read more »

I am very pleased that the police were notified, and were able to come in a quick response and investigate this person. Remember, protect and serve! It was a good thing, remember there’s a school full of children, staff, teachers. They are the reason to call the police and let them do their work. We have an excellent Department and I am very grateful for it.

With all this Isis and terrorist stuff going on The past few days , and ya can’t identify who this person is , I have to say this was really a stupid idea prank /joke or not . Really and at a school , wake up idiots

elayne tulliani

Although I don’t have kids in school anymore, I would rather the school and police lean on the side of caution. Maybe it’s just someone having fun but just because someone is in a. Costume that we all recognize doesn’t mean they don’t pose a threat.

evan gately

why arrest ? why not just ask him to leave?

Most kids at Brickett were to young to remember any of the first ones ..and the new one wasn’t a real big ordeal to youngesters,I agree that costume is expensive and real looking but check out how many older people never saw star wars ,wow suprising but true and considering all the terriost shit going on who knows what’s next not to name school.shooting ..Last week they arrested a sixteen year old for terrorist threats on a school ..better safe than sorry I guess

Simply the Gun ,And scaring young children who probably never heard of star wars !b4 most of them we’re around atleast the first one was !!

I saw this go down but do not know the grounds for arrest nor would I want to speculate.

Stacey Bowdren

So, because people can’t tell that this is a costume from Star Wars makes it frightening. But the fact that it is a “costume”, and apparently a scary one at that,(???) is a reason to arrest him??? If I could afford the costume that is as real as that one? I’d DEFINITELY wear it to my kids school to pick them up! Supposedly you look at the picture and only see the gun? No notice of the costume? REALLY? Cause everyday we see imperial storm troopers on the street posing for pictures. On the Death Star anyways.

What was he arrested for? We have shooting and violence occurring in Lynn, not sure if this person is a real threat.