Bars of Lynn Update

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Posted 6/8/15

Jimmy Cowdell and Jon Thibault organized a bar crawl May 30th that raised over $500 for Santa’s Helping Hands. Cowdell said, “Feel free to use or not use any of the pics.” Here’s all of them!


3 Fat Cats played Buchanan Cafe over the weekend.

This Saturday, your Happens editor went out with the reigning champions of #barsoflynn to see Scene 13 at the Brickyard.


This table wins for most #barsoflynn shares.


LH editor Seth, Sherry, Lauren, Tony & Diane


Diane with Scene 13 vocalist Michelle Mugnano Dunne

Your photos can make it into the next Bars of Lynn! Use #barsoflynn but to ensure delivery, email your photos so you can embarrass your friends and promote the Lynn scene.

Check out all the Bars of Lynn posts, here.

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