Bars of Lynn (Rooftop edition)

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Posted 6/22/15 –

Your photos can make it into the next Bars of Lynn! Use #barsoflynn but to ensure delivery, email your photos so you can embarrass your friends and promote the Lynn scene.

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An attendee said the beneficiary would prefer not to be mentioned.

Thursday evening folks from the Connery School held a fundraiser at Lazy Dog to help a colleague. The Lynn community always comes together to help those in need.



Arts After Hours celebrated five years of theatre and music at their annual Meet Ball on the roof of All Care VNA downtown. Music was by Carolyn Cole and Not Sure Community College. Food was by Lynn Meatland. The rooftop isn’t technically a bar, but it is when it’s rented out and a one-day event license is obtained.



Jarret Johnson, Seth Albaum, Jennifer Adlier, Michael Cassetta (w/ Slavica just out of frame!)



The after party (there isn’t a downtown event without one) was held at the still fairly-new April’s on Buffum Street, just a short walk away. Cheryl Ransom attempts a table-selfie.




Here’s a photo by Debra Bragdon of the Sunday night “Blue Note Revival” jam at Celley’s Pub.

LynnHappens regrets not having photos of the Don White & Christine Lavin show to benefit the Highlands Coalition at the Knights of Columbus Saturday night. Feel free to send photos if you have them.

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