5 Questions: Celtic Woman’s Susan McFadden

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Five Questions is a feature by Steve Duffy –



Susan McFadden from Celtic Woman recently took time to speak with Lynnhappens.com on the phone about the concert at the Lynn Auditorium Sunday.



SD: How does having a theatrical background contribute to your performance as part of the Celtic Woman?

SM: It was truly a very different genre for me. When I was performing in musical theatre, I was portraying a character, but as a Celtic Woman, I get to be myself. It is very scary to put yourself out there in front of the audience, but I have really grown to love it. I have learned to break down the wall that surrounded me and share myself with the audience.

SD: When it comes to recording, do you have a preference whether it is live or in the studio?

SM: Recording in the studio is much easier and a lot less nerve-racking. Since joining CW, I have recorded one live album. It took us two nights. At least while in the studio, if you have an off night vocally, it can be fixed. There is beauty in recording live though because it really captures the essences of the show.

SD: How is being part of one of the most famous “girl groups” impacted you both personally and professionally?

SM: It has really changed my life. Prior to joining them, I was living and working in London. I have been away from home for so long that this opportunity has brought me back to my roots. Living in London, I was working in one place and now with this amazing opportunity I get to travel the world and entertain people everywhere.

SD: Is it difficult to perform as a group when the roster of Celtic Woman changes?

SM: No, it is actually makes it very exciting! It shakes you up and makes you have to think on your feet. When we lose a member, you have to remove yourself from your comfort zone and adapt to this new person. Every lovely lady, present and past, has helped the group and the show becomes stronger and better.

SD: How has Celtic Woman evolved in 10 years and what part have you played in that evolution?

SM: I am the ninth singer to join and I feel that that fans have accept me. I think that change is good. It keeps the group fresh. I like to think that my theatrical training helps me to be a better performer. Irish music is about telling stories, so I feel that I can contribute to that by bringing in a different kind of performance.

For more information on Susan and the Celtic Woman visit www.celticwoman.com. You can purchase tickets to see them June 28th at at Lynn Auditorium.com

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