5 Questions: Derek Hough

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Posted 7/1/15 –

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Along with his sister, Julianne, the five-time “Dancing with the Stars” champion is bringing his dance moves to Boston next week.




SD: What was it about dancing that led you to do it professionally?

DH: Being the only boy in my family (4 sisters), I was kind of forced to go. I would sit in the car and wait until my mom told me I had to start taking lessons. I did the normal kicking and screaming and told her it was for girls. Growing up, I was always sort of a performer with my family. I then really found a passion for dance and I have always had a great support system to help me nurture it.

SD: How did the idea for the tour happen?

DH: I missed performing live. I love the energy of the audience. I really feel at home on stage. I wanted to create something that would give me that feeling. My sister and I were always being asked when we were going to do something together. What I love about this show is all about what we want to do with no “Hollywood formula.” It’s entertaining and fun. It is a mission to get people moving.

SD: How is your recovery going? What have you been doing to get physically ready for the tour?

DH: It is all about stamina and conditioning, plus running routines over and over again. Nutrition plays a big part for me – lots of green, protein and no sugar. For recovery, ice helps. I take a lot of 10-minute ice baths.

SD: Working so close with your sister, how do you tame the sibling rivalry?

DH: We do not have a lot of sibling rivalry, because we are brother and sister. I do think it may be different if we were the same sex. For us, it is more about looking out for each other. Anytime we start disagreeing, we just start laughing and then wonder what it was all about anyways.

SD: What is the easiest dance for someone with two left feet to learn?

DH: The two-step, especially because it is basically two steps [laughs]. For anyone wanting to learn to dance I would suggest line dancing. It is simple and a great place to start.


For more information on Derek and the Move Live on Tour visit www.moveliveontour.com and to purchase tickets to see him at the Citi Performing Arts Center on July 7th visit www.ticketmaster.com.

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