4th of July Grinch Steals Buntings from Kiley Park [SOLVED]

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UPDATE 7/3/15 1:14pm from Coach Dave:

“BuntGate had been solved (pun intended)! I want to thank everyone who shared my post. The buntings were hanging in the window of a local business who bought them off a kid on the street. Does the story add up? I don’t know, but the important thing is our mystery is solved! I am not going to disclose the business name as I will give it the benefit of the doubt. Thank you everyone!”

From David Dorgan of Lynn Shore Little League –

“Three of these buntings were clipped off the major field at Kiley park. They are very distinctive with the “SPIDER WEBBING” through the pattern. Please keep your eyes peeled and if you see these hanging on a house, let me know. Thank you. Please feel free to share. ~ Coach Dave”



“The zip ties were clipped for so it wasn’t vandalism. They would have pulled them off and the zips and grommets would have been ripped.” according to Dorgan. Whoever took these wanted them intact.
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