A Letter from Friends of Lynn Woods: Preserving Lynn Woods Protects our Water Supply

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Just before the July 4th holiday Friends of Lynn Woods sent this letter to their membership urging attendance at an “Informational meeting” on July 21st, 6:30pm at City Hall regarding an easement that would permanently protect a large portion of Lynn Woods and Lynn’s water supply. This is being published as a Letter to the Editor. Opinions are always welcome. Send yours to editor@lynnhappens.com or express your brief thoughts below.


flwFriends of Lynn Woods
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Lynn, MA 01904


Hello Friends:

The Friends of Lynn Woods have been working in conjunction with the City of Lynn, Essex County Greenbelt and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to create a proposal for a conservation easement for the land comprising the Lynn Woods Reservation. This easement would permanently protect our water supply while preserving our park in its current condition. The easement would strengthen and clarify the existing protected status of this valuable resource. There will be an informational meeting at the Lynn City Hall Auditorium on Tuesday, July 21st at 6:30 pm. This will be an opportunity for you to learn about the benefits and protection that this easement will provide.

Water supply is rapidly becoming a major concern throughout the world and in parts of the United States as well. Future water shortages in California and other western states will likely result in the relocation of some water dependent industries to other less stressed part of our country. Water resources in Massachusetts will be impacted by this increased demand. Protecting Lynn’s watershed is essential if we are going to be able to continue to enjoy affordable high quality drinking water. A dependable, affordable water supply will also give Lynn a competitive advantage when attracting new or displaced water dependent industries.

Our reservation began its history with the purchase of the first reservoir in 1870. Twenty years later the voters in Lynn approved the Park Act allowing for the creation of a municipal park. Fueled by donations of land and money and purchases by the Water Board, the reservation grew rapidly over the next decade eventually including over 2,200 acres and three water supply reservoirs. To this day the park functions as both a source of drinking water and as a valuable recreational resource.

Many of Lynn’s citizens believe that our reservation is already protected in perpetuity by the Park Act. The land taken under the Park Act is protected but that includes less than 1000 acres. The portions of the park in Saugus, Lynnfield and most of what we call the “Ox Pasture” are vulnerable to exploitation. Some of this land was donated, some purchased by the Park Commission, Water Board or simply with City funds. Adoption of this Conservation Easement would finally place a protective umbrella over our entire reservation, protecting our increasingly valuable water supply while permanently preserving this recreational resource.

Please join us at the Lynn Auditorium on July 21st and show your support for the continued preservation of the Lynn Woods Reservation.

Jane Kelley

Friends of Lynn Woods



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The Friends of Lynn Woods is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to protect the Lynn Woods Reservation as a natural and unspoiled forest preserve.

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