Letter: Curriculum Changes

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Dear Dr. Latham and School Committee members,

Good morning. I am writing you today about some deep and troubling concerns I have gotten since my discovery of the “Science from Scientists” line on the Washington School budget. I do not recall seeing that line item in place for any other school.. The additional proportional cost per student represents a significant and unfair advantage to a singled out population. I am afraid some violations of civil rights might be questioned.

As you may remember, the re-opening of the Washington School has a short history already. Initial attempts to pass it off as an “Innovation School” which it DESE definition it clearly was not. After exposure of this misrepresentation, a change to the current “Washington STEM School” resulted.

An even greater concern is for the safety of the students of the Washington School. I am sure you have access to information unavailable to me but the track record of this “dog and pony show” was eye-opening:


Has your thorough investigation revealed any changes in safeguards to reveal this kind of accident never happens again? My understanding is that they hired a PR firm who successively altered public perception of this unfortunate accident, Attorney Gallo in particular should be incensed by a possible distortion of their reputation since he has gone on public record as showing disdain for such practices.

I would like to point out to you that this incident occurred with middle school students who are more mature and invested in their own personal safety than the elementary students you are proposing to expose to these risks.

For both of the above reasons, I worry about the potential liabilities facing the Lynn Public Schools and hope you have taken or will take steps to prevent any such occurrences.

Stanley Wotring

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