Bars of Lynn Update

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Your photos can make it into the next Bars of Lynn! Use #barsoflynn but to ensure delivery, email your photos or post them to the LynnHappens facebook page. Help promote the Lynn scene. There’s going to be a special ticket giveaway and participating in #barsoflynn gives you an entry into the drawing. More about that, tomorrow.

**Special #barsoflynn bulletin** There is going to be a hearing at City Hall Tuesday, July 28 at 6pm during which you can state your opinion on whether closing time should remain 1am or extend to 2am.

In this edition we have new frosting on 47, a blues cruise ending with jazz at Moka, and Neopolitan song at Celley’s Blues Jam.

New frosting went up on the glass of the old 47 Central downtown. It’s been there maybe a week.

The last three iterations of this place have been “47 Central,” “Cirque,” and “Pub 47.” Throughout, people have mostly just referred to it as “47.” Will this name Eclipse them all? (sorry/not sorry for the pun).


After Friday’s Blues Cruise, a portion of the boat continued the party at Cafe Moka in Central Square. The cafe now serves beer and wine and will be open late Thursdays and Fridays with entertainment and a menu of small plates.




I finally had time to check out the Sunday night Blues Jam at Celley’s, which is a resurrection of the old Blue Note Blues Jams and is hosted by Joe Mack. Folks can sign up and play with the house band or perform solo. Then there’s Paolo Valli, who caught me completely by surprise. Call this, “Italian blues.” He’s thrilled I was taking photos and video and wants folks to know he’s available to entertain.
Sorry for shaky video – no tripod handy – just built in camera mic.

Here’s a very tiny snippet of a blues jam in progress with Peter Capable on guitar and vox, Ron Belben on bass and Joey Pafumi on drums. Watch him flip his left drumstick.








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