Hearing on Proposed 2am Closing Time, Part 1

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7/29/15 –

Yesterday at City Hall, proponents and opponents of a plan to revert back to 2am closing attended a special public hearing by the Lynn License Commission. The two hour meeting was not enough time for those who wanted to speak, so the meeting will resume Tuesday, August 25th at 6pm, same place.

Mayor Kennedy has floated a proposal for a 2am closing trial period ending in November that includes a stipulation that would not allow new patrons into establishments after 12:30am, effectively eliminating the last call rush to Lynn that used to come from our 1am-closing neighbors. However, patrons already in establishments by that time would not be allowed re-entry even if they exit for a quick smoke or any other brief reason one may step outside.

In the first clip, the proposed compromise to allow bars open until 2am on a trial basis is explained. Then, the lawyer for the Lynn Restaurant Association Frederick Riley speaks, followed by Leslie Gould of the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce and audience members in favor including North Shore Latino Business Association President Frances Martinez.

In the second clip, audience members in favor continue speaking, and Chief of Police Kevin Coppinger speaks in opposition followed by Councilor-at-Large Buzzy Barton. At the continuation August 25th, those in opposition will resume speaking.

Note: Not every speaker used the microphone effectively. Adjust the volume accordingly.

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