5 Questions: Dylan Yeandle

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Ladies leave your men at home and join the irresistible blokes from down under for a night of guilty pleasures and sizzling dance moves.

SD: What is the role of the MC?

DY: It is my job to prepare the ladies for the show and to also entertain them while the guys are changing. I try to make it light-hearted and fun. I also try to throw some comedy in. It is really a fun job to have [he laughs]. What bloke wouldn’t want hundreds of girls screaming at them?

SD: How did you get involved with the show?

DY: In 2012, I was auditioning for a show and one of the scouts spotted me and asked me if I would like to perform with Thunder. It was my first time being a part of a male revue show. It is really a great time and I love performing with the group.

SD: How much rehearsing goes into creating a show?

DY: There is lots of rehearsing every day. We spend a lot of time coming up with new routines that are fun for us and especially fun for the audience. Plus, we spend a lot of time in the gym and we have a very strict diet.

SD: What is the craziest thing that has happened to you while performing?

DY: I will have to leave that to the imagination of your readers.

SD: How do movies like “Magic Mike” help your show?

DY: It has definitely helped our show! It is like free advertising. It really brings the male revue show to the forefront in a positive way. We are true entertainers and we all take pride in what we do. Our show has a more cabaret feel to it than any other male revue show the audience has seen before. We keep it very intimate with a lot of audience interaction. It really makes for a great girls’ night out.

For more information on Dylan and Thunder from Down Under visit www.thunderfromdownunder.com and to purchase tickets to see them at the Wilbur theatre on July 31st visit www.thewilbur.com

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