A Sunny Day Downtown

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A small group of skateboarders were kind enough to let me photograph them this afternoon while I was trying a 65-year old lens on my modern, digital camera. Looks like it holds its own against current lenses, even in color!


Then, I went for a little walk –



at Cafe Moka tonight, BTW





New condos coming online this fall.

There’s more to the story. This is a Leitz Elmar screw-mount interchangeable lens from the Leica Camera my grandfather, a survivor, brought over on the boat from Germany in 1951. Also on that boat, my grandmother, uncle and mother, who was two-years old at the time. They were processed through Ellis Island, which was reopened for a short while after WWII.

*photos not watermarked because they originally were not intended for posting.

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That skateboarder really jumps out of the photo. Almost looks 3D.

Wow…That is amazing. I can’t imagine being the grandchild of two people who survived the holocaust. I have ancestors from both my mother and father’s sides from Germany. But I don’t know much about them except that they emigrated to America in the late 1800’s. I am glad they survived that atrocity and have a grandson helping to revitalize a city that is by nature a very generous and accepting place.

Great photos!! Really captures the beauty of the downtown now. Is that a new awning on the building being renovated…gorgeous! Had a fabulous morning at Cafe Moka the other day…coffee, reading, writing, people watching, classical guitar being piped throughout the cafe …sublime! Was your your grandfather (and family?) a survivor of the holocaust? Thanks for all you do!