Young Artists Display Work at Downtown Cafe

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Artists: Rauliz Paez, Maggie Krawitz, Angier Gautheir, Ariana Casella, Isabel Di Donna
Teen mentors: Jose De Leon-Angel, Dayanna Vasquez — Staff: Alex Norby

On Monday, August 10th 2015 an opening reception was held at Cafe Moka in Central Square for RAW Art Works Middle School Evening Studio’s show, Complex Beings.

From a description of the show on the wall –

“Our middle school evening studio group explored how we are complex beings. We are artists, thinkers, children, siblings, students, athletes, friends… and we have countless emotions and thoughts that accompany all the different, yet connected, parts of ourselves. While creating these pieces we considered that we have to be careful not to mislabel or judge people, especially when we don’t yet understand how the complex pieces to their puzzles might fit together.”

Under each piece is a short poem by the artist on the theme.


Cafe Moka assembled a special menu of unique ice cream sodas for the occasion and other groups from RAW as well as some general public were there for what was many of the kids’ first gallery reception. To see it, stop into Cafe Moka during their regular business hours, 56 Central Square. They are open late Thursdays and Fridays with live music.


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