5 Questions: Linda Eder

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Linda_EderShe may not be a household name, but Linda Eder’s voice is unmistakable. Her diverse repertoire spans Broadway, standards, pop, country and jazz. Her vocal tones are powerful and she can sing anything and make it perfection. She has performed for sold-out crowds across the country and around the world.
Her latest CD, Linda Live, was recorded in Saratoga Springs over the summer, and was recently released to rave reviews.

SD: How did winning Star Search back in 1988 help your career?

LE: It gave me a national audience. The great thing about television is that you can reach so many people in one night. It really helped in launching my career and it is how I met composer Frank Wildhorn and was cast in Broadway’s Jekyll & Hyde.

SD: How did you choose the music genre you would sing?

LE: My genre is everything from pop to Broadway. Early in my career, one my singing influences was soprano Eileen Farrell, but it was after watching Judy Garland sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” that I knew I wanted to sing as a career.

SD: Your new album is 2014 Linda Live: The Live Concert Recording, is recording live more difficult than recording in the studio?

LE: Generally, live albums are not done in one night, but we recorded this in one night. There is lots of pressure especially because there are no second chances. I chose to record this specific show because I was used to doing it. It was well rehearsed, tried, and tested. Plus, the audience was really fantastic!

SD: Do you have any plans to return to Broadway?

LE: No, I have not really thought of it. Performing on Broadway really takes over your life. It makes you vocally tired. It was really having my son that was my deciding factor in not returning to Broadway. I did not want to miss out on raising him.

SD: What can the North Shore Music Theatre audiences expect from the show?

LE: Something that they come to expect. There are fancy bells or whistles. It is all about the music and the fun.

For more information on Linda visit www.lindaeder.com and to purchase tickets to see her at the North Shore Music on August 29th visit www.nsmt.org

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Jeanne Robin

It’s great to hear things are going so well! I remember seeing Linda in the mid- seventies fior the first time. My folks brought my siblings and me to a concert when she had just come down to Minneapolis from northern Minnesota. We always knew that voice would go somewhere! It has been wonderful to be able to think that I have heard that beautiful voice more of my life than not.
Thank You 😀!!!